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Tourisme Haut-Saint-Laurent

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Aerial Hebertism

Arbre en Arbre Havelock  

Arbre-en-arbre Havelock

Arbre-en-arbre Havelock



Alpacas are gentle and exotic animals that can capture your attention at first glance. Alpaca fiber is comparable to cashmere and is hypoallergenic.

Alpagas d'ici
Alpagas des Hauts Vents
Ranch Alpaga de L'Ourse qui danse
Sur le Chemin des Alpagas

Alpaga de l'Ourse qui danse Haut Vents
© Ranch Alpagas de L'Ourse qui danse © Alpagas des Hauts Vents


Apple picking

In the region represented by the municipalities of Havelock, Franklin and Hinchinbrooke, on the flanks of Covey Hill, expect a lot of orchards.  The apple is now the leading agricultural production and the main economic activity in the region.  Visit the La Pomme du Canton du Sud-Ouest website to discover the orchards, their location and the variety of apples available.

photo @ MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent


Circuit du Paysan

The Circuit du Paysan is a novel way of being introduced to the particularities, the charm, the attractions of the region and of appreciating the different sides of agriculture and rural life, where the pleasures of fine foods and numerous dicoveries are waiting for you.  Each business in the Circuit reveals persons passionateabout their craft or their art: artisan, wine maker, cider maker, farmer, breeder, chef and innkeeper, each willing to share their knowledge of the region as well as their know-how, often derived from the traditions of past generations.

pont couvert Powerscourt
Percy Bridge, Elgin            
photo @ MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent


The Interpretive Centre of the Droulers-Tsiionhiakwatha Archaeological Site

The Interpretive Centre of the Droulers-Tsiionhiakwatha Archaeological Site is a unique site which is worth visiting for sure!  There you can see the remains of the largest Iroquoian village ever found in Quebec.  Archaeological investigations have collected more than 150 000 artifacts over an area of approximately 13 000 square meters.  Following these extensive archaeological finds, it was possible to rebuild the village on its original site, and you can now discover the 15th century's Iroquoian culture and its fascinating history.

1800, chemin Leahy, Saint-Anicet (Quebec) 
Telephone: 450.264.3030
Toll free: 1 866.690.3030
Off season: 450.264.5411

photos @ Centre d'interprétation du site archéologique Droulers-Tsiionhiakwatha


The lac Saint-François National Wildlife Area

Covering an area of 1400 hectares, the area received, in 1978, official status as a National Reserve and in 1987, was recognized globally important ecosystem in order to protect the biodiversity of wetlands and to preserve rare and endangered species.  There are nearly 600 species of plants some of which are rare or endangered.  16 species of amphibians, 8 of reptiles, 223 birds and 53 mammals have been identified.  The lac Saint-François National Wildlife Area is a great place to learn about wetlands on foot or in rabaska.

7600, chemin de la Pointe-Fraser, Dundee (Québec)
Telephone: 450.264.5908
Les amis de la Réserve nationale de faune du lac Saint-François

photos @ Amis de la Réserve nationale de faune du lac Saint-François


Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site of Canada

The Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site of Canada commemorates the importance of the battle of October 26, 1813, in the 1812-1814 war between the United States and England.  The fighting occured on the shore of the Châteauguay River and is explained by Parks Canada guides as you visit the Interpretive Centre.  History, military strategy and genealogy buffs will enjoy visiting the Interpretive Centre.  In addition. the family corner and the giant chess game offer fun family activities.

2371, chemin de la Rivière Châteauguay, Howick (Québec)
Telephone: 1 888 773.8888
Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site of Canada (Parks Canada)

photos @ Parcs Canada / H. D'Amours

Kayak on the Chateauguay River



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carte cyclo nature 

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