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Alfred-Langevin Cultural Hall
Call for Proposals  -  2018-2019 Programs

The Cultural Committee is issuing a call for proposals for the 2018 and 2019 programs of the Alfred-Langevin Cultural Hall in visual or performing arts.
The deadline to submit a proposal is: September 30, 2017

Your proposal must include:

  1. Your resume (CV) with your current contact information
  2. A summary of your creative process
  3. A description of how you are connected with the region
  4. A project proposal:
  • Visual arts projects must include pictures that are representative of the proposed exhibition, including size, medium and year of production for every visual.
  • Performing arts proposals must include a demo, an excerpt or script, or a video.

Your proposal can be mailed to:
Alfred-Langevin Cultural Hall Committee, 10, King street, Huntingdon (Quebec)  J0S 1H0

For information, please contact Nancy Brunelle, 450 264-5411, extension 226.