Youth table of Haut-Saint-Laurent

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The Youth Table of Haut-Saint-Laurent was put in place in 1999, following the creation of a health promotion and prevention program. « À toute Jeunesse : un partenariat au profit des jeunes de la Montérégie » is an initiative of Direction Santé Publique de la Montérégie and targets youth from 6 to 17 years old inclusively.

The Youth Table - also known as Youth Committee - includes many participants from different organisations on the territory, having an avid interest in promoting activities centered on social integration and support, people potential reinforcement, reducing social inequalities, dietary security and security in youths every day life.

All things considered, the Youth Table of Haut-Saint-Laurent believes in people's initiative and an implication of local organisms wanting to put in place solutions to problems experienced by youths in Haut-Saint-Laurent.   The Committee gets together about six times a year to insure a dialogue between the member organisations. Allocations for new projects are available following certain criteria.