Land Planning

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The territory's land management is the organisation of a community on its territory and the result of its organisation. Land management at the MRC level is framed by the land management and town planning law whereas the orientations, politics and governmental legislations are used as mark outs. In a period of perpetual change, it is important to organise, to plan and to find solutions for a development that keeps in mind the greater good of the environment in sync with the population. The Land Management Plan and the development of tools are designed to portray the MRC's territory, follow its development orientations and learn to know the major development stakes of a MRC territory. It is possible to consult the current Land Management Plan by clicking on its index tab.

Land Planning Coordinator  : Céline Lebel

The process of land management can use regional control norms.   Using the interim control by-law, a MRC can impose additional provisions and requirements to the zoning norms of local municipalities. Such a regulation takes its significance when the council of mayors wish to act quickly on the territory. It is possible to consult the current regulations by clicking on the Interim By-Law index tab.Mrs Céline Lebel directs the follow-up concerning the Land Management Plan with the following comities:

The Management Plan Follow-up Comity consists of three mayors: Pierre Poirier (Godmanchester),  Denis Henderson (Havelock) and François Rochefort (Très-Saint-Sacrement).

The Advisory Agricultural Comity consists of three mayors: Carolyn Cameron (Hinchinbrooke), Denis Henderson (Havelock) and François Rochefort (Très-Saint-Sacrement); four farmers - Marius Trépanier, Céline Raby, André Dubois and Michel Hébert - and 1 citizen.This last comity makes recommendations to the council of mayors on town planning regulation of local municipalities aimed at the agricultural territory, on exclusion demands on agricultural territory and participates to the land management planning and the development of the agricultural territory.